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Silicon Valley-based Opticlarity is one of the few actual production companies located in the USA focusing on passive custom optical interconnect solutions such as cables and boxes. Opticlarity is an experienced player in the industry.

As a team we have been supplying our fiber optic products and solutions to well-known local and global companies for almost two and a half decades and have developed an excellent reputation within the fiber optic community.

As a leading fiber optic solutions manufacturer of quality products, our engineers are closely supported by a team and eco system of highly trained professionals and ensure that all our products embody the latest design, technological and usability breakthroughs.

Our North and middle American presence enables us to provide customers with quick turnaround and emergency deliveries, giving access to large and small players across the spectrum of communications to specialized market specific solutions.

With an A-brand ecosystem and supplier relationships including Corning, AFL, USConec, and Senko we stay ahead of the curve. We are often used as a manufacturing partner for new products based on our production expertise. Moreover, our customers are often uncompromising and demand a quality approach with clear specifications on the components to be used.

Whether customers desire a dedicated volume-driven production setup or a custom solution, Opticlarity operates in a flexible manufacturing setting that can both innovate and scale with dedicated production lines.

With the evolution of fiber optics replacing copper in the communications and data center market, Opticlarity is also evolving with emerging industries in the medical, automotive and industrial market.

Key features of Opticlarity can be summarized as follows:

  • Pushing the quality limit on customization and high density
  • Located in Fremont, Silicon Valley, USA
  • Optical cross connect solutions for 25 years
  • Robot patch panels
  • Corning Gold certified
  • 200 & 400 G cable and box solutions
  • Photonic Integrated Circuit, Co package and Fiber to the Chip technology
  • Low and high port count optical switch technology, MEMS switches & VOAs, PICs and fiber to the Co Package/Switch solutions
  • Design Services and advice on packaging, cleaning procedures, termination services
Corning Compliance Program

With higher data speeds from 200G, 400G and even 800G, optimizing rack space and performance are essential. Opticlarity is moving into a new generation of connectors after LC, MTP/MPO with the MDC & SN connectors. 

Our Partners

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Opticlarity has experience with supplying the majority of Silicon Valley based blue ribbon datacenters and most USA based telecom and cable operators. Installers leverage the Opticlarity cable & box solutions with support services  such as training and field terminations.

Company Impressions

Company Impressions