Box Builds & Rack Systems

Fiber optic rack systems and box builds are equipment racks and patch panels designed to hold and organize fiber optic cables, connectors, and other related components. They are commonly used in data centers and telecommunications facilities, where fiber optic cables are used extensively for high-speed data transmission.

Fiber optic rack systems typically consist of a metal or plastic rack that houses one or more fiber optic patch panels, which in turn hold fiber optic adapters, connectors, and splice trays. The patch panels provide a convenient way to route and manage fiber optic cables, while the adapters and connectors allow for easy connection and disconnection of individual fibers.

Fiber optic rack systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the specific application and number of fibers that need to be managed. They can be wall-mounted, floor-standing, or installed in racks or cabinets.

Opticlarity provides custom box builds and rack systems in line with architectures and designs that are needed in implementations and rollouts of datacenters and beyond.

Outside plant & FTTH

Outside plant (OSP) refers to the physical infrastructure used for the distribution of communication services outside of buildings, such as in public spaces, along roads, and in rural areas. This includes the installation, maintenance, and repair of cables, wires, poles, and other equipment used for telecommunications and internet connectivity.

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a type of outside plant infrastructure that involves the installation of fiber optic cables directly to individual homes or businesses. This allows for high-speed internet connectivity and other communication services, with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second or higher.

FTTH is considered a more advanced and future-proof technology compared to traditional copper-based networks, which have limited bandwidth and data transfer capacity. FTTH also provides greater reliability and signal quality, with lower latency and interference.

The installation of FTTH requires significant investment and infrastructure development, including the deployment of fiber optic cables and related equipment. However, FTTH is becoming increasingly popular due to the growing demand for high-speed internet connectivity and the need for reliable, high-quality communication services in both urban and rural areas.

Overall, outside plant infrastructure and FTTH are critical components of modern telecommunications and internet infrastructure, providing connectivity and communication services to homes, businesses, and communities around the world.

Opticlarity builds on the indoor application experience with a range of custom solutions for the outside plant and fiber to the home projects. The applications cary from CATV to infrastructure builds for transportation projects and cognitive city roll outs.

Opticlarity Builds Fiber & Rack system solutions to the customer specifications. These include indoor and outdoor solutions with rackmount or wallmount enclosures.

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