Opticlarity believes in providing the best product and services to the supply partner companies and customers. Over the decades in the business we have learned that certain services are mission critical to optimize the support to the entire value chain.

Design Services

Opticlarity can assist you with your customized ideas and solutions by getting involved in the early design stage with our experience and advice to come to the optimal solution for your fiber optic connectivity. We can provide you with suggestions, drawings and prototypes.

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Termination And Splicing Services

Opticlarity can provide virtually any fiber optic assembly or cable with the connector of your choice. With 100% testing the fiber optic termination can be done in the field, it can be done in the in-house connector service in Fremont California. Drop us a line anytime on the contact page or give us a call.

Cleaning Advice

The most frequent issue in the use of fiber optic connectors and solutions is related to wrong handling and cleaning. Opticlarity can provide advice and supply solutions to reduce the risk of downtime due to the basic handling and respecting the cleanliness of fiber optic end faces.