Quantum Computing

Optical interconnects are now advancing to a new phase where they are replacing copper wires over shorter distances because they can handle more data with less loss. This change is happening even inside systems and up to the chip level. The ICT community also sees the need for Quantum Networks for secure communication, quantum computers, and measurements, and international standards are being developed to support this.

In the next ten years, large data centers and supercomputers will use more quantum communication and quantum computer nodes to improve their services, such as offering quantum computing as a service (QaaS) and secure connections between data centers. SENKO is at the forefront of this move towards quantum connectivity.

Opticlarity is evolving with the eco system and manufacturing capability to serve this market  with the QuPC optical connector, which performs better than traditional optical splices and is nearly invisible to OTDR detection.
Opticlarity is production ready on fiber optic cable assemblies for this product in the USA.

Quantum Computing Solutions